Guidelines for Presentations: 
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Abstracts must be sent by Ex Ordo system. (you will be required to setup an account first)

Below are the general rules that are applied for the proponents.

1. Title
The title should be brief (we would appreciate a maximum of 125 characters including spaces), clearly indicating the contents of the abstract.


2. Abstracts

All abstracts will be subjected to peer-review, coordinated by the Scientific Committee. The criteria for review are: technical merit, relevance and originality.

Carefully prepared abstracts facilitate the review process, as it is easier to judge the quality of presentations that are thoroughly and concisely described.
Abstracts may not exceed 600 words and must be submitted in English. Abstracts should be as informative as possible including objectives, method, results and conclusions.


3. Authors

Information includes name(s), organisation(s) and email address of all co-authors. When submitting the abstract, please choose one corresponding author. This author will be responsible for receiving correspondence and information will only be sent to this author at the email address provided. The corresponding author is responsible for forwarding information onto all the other authors listed on the abstract.

All the submissions have to choose one presenting author. The registration must be confirmed by this author. The presenting author can be the same as the corresponding author. Each presenting author can make a maximum of 4 presentations.


4. Topics
Identify which of the conference themes your submission addresses (you can select a maximum of two).

Abstract submission topics are:

  1. Historical and theoretical approaches
  2. Assessment and decision making in child welfare
  3. Prevention and family intervention programmes
  4. Family foster care and Adoption
  5. Residential child care
  6. Transition to adulthood from care
  7. Migration and minorities in child welfare
  8. Mental health of children and young people in care
  9. Education and qualification of children and young people in care
  10. Participation of children and families in child welfare interventions
  11. Programme evaluation and quality in child welfare
  12. Child abuse and neglect


5. Format
Oral Communication: to be presented in a maximum of 15 minutes in panels of 85 minutes (five presentations).

Poster: Besides the traditional exhibition of posters, authors will have to make a short oral presentation (maximum 5 minutes) on the main content. There will be simultaneous sessions of 90 minutes for those short oral presentations in the programme.



A symposium is a session lasting 85 minutes that includes four or five papers (including the chairperson) that address a common theme of particular relevance for the Conference. Authors must come from different research groups and universities (no more than two from the same university).

Proposals for symposia must be submitted by the chairperson in the format “Symposium proposal” in Ex Ordo system, including a title, an overview abstract of 300 words about the main content and the list of individual contributions (title and authors) at the end of the abstract.

Each individual contribution must be submitted in the format “Oral Presentations” in Ex Ordo system. They should be submitted with the title of the symposium listed first, a dash (-), and then the title of the individual paper. In the final step, when asked if submitting for a symposium, the answer should be YES.

The symposium must be proposed after all the individual abstracts are already submitted.

The chairperson is responsible for identifying the presenting authors to the symposium, ensuring the appropriate abstracts are submitted by those authors and that the presenting authors attend the conference. The chairperson is also responsible for uploading the symposium file online.


6. Important information

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 18th April 2018. Abstracts submitted after this date will not be considered. You can edit your abstract until the submission deadline.

A confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of an abstract will be sent to the author at the email address provided upon successful submission.

Corresponding authors will be notified of abstract acceptance or rejection and the form of presentation by email no later than 20th May 2018.

All presenting authors of accepted abstracts are required to register for the Conference no later than 20th June 2018. Failure to register will result in the abstract being excluded from the Conference programme.

The scientific committee reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the format of accepted abstracts.

The scientific committee reserves the right to limit the number of papers presented by the same author as presenting author.



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